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Welcome Friends

The meetinghouse is open again and most gatherings will be hybrid, both in-person and online. Check our event calendar for details. All are welcome to join our meeting for worship each First Day. If attending in person, please wear a mask. Join our email list for Zoom meeting info.

If you are a visitor new to Quakerism please do read "About Us" to learn more about our faith and practice. This section also includes the details of our Quaker community life that we look forward to resuming when possible to do so safely.

Visit our Events page to see our schedule.

Right Sharing

Two baskets have been placed in the foyer of the back (worship) building for donations. One is for nonperishable food items and the other is for new and unused toiletries and clothing. The donations will be taken to a local food bank weekly. Thank you for sharing. More info.

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Helping Ukraine

Many of us are heartbroken and saddened by the outbreak of war in Ukraine. It is painful to see the suffering of the Ukranian people and the devastation occurring to their country. We can see how the Russian people are being impacted by this war as well. As Friends, consistent with our peace testimony, we believe war is never the answer as violence never leads to peace. Read more.

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Taking Action

We may be small, but we can be mighty when taking action, especially when we join with other individuals and organizations, Quaker and non-Quaker, for action involving our community, the region, our nation and the world. Currently we are asking Floridians to contact their state legislators about several bills that would prove unjust to LGBTQ youth. Take action.

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